Episode 006 : Are there change-makers outside of America that desire to help us? with Pastor Mezack & Duane Murray


There are many Americans who have a desire to change the world around them. They see people and places far from them that seem to be in need and so they want to help. But have you ever thought about other people looking at the United States and wanting to help us? On today’s episode, Fallon sits down in a conversation with a member of our Board of Directors, Duane Murray and Country Director, Mezack from Rwanda and hears how his discipleship training has not only affected his own community but has its affects here in the States & specifically, here in Nashville, Tennessee! It’s an amazing story of how God’s plans made a full circle that included a sweet friendship between Mezack and Duane.

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Episode 005: Can “no" be the positive answer? with Geoffrey Ocan


No is not a fun answer…most of the time. In this week’s episode, we change the conversation to talk about how “no” can actual be a positive answer. Emily shares a conversation she had with African Leadership and Mocha Club’s Uganda country director, Geoffrey Ocan and her unique experience where he tells her no after she asks to see an education class the organization supports. You will learn quickly how this was nothing short of kindness for both Emily and the students.

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Episode 004: What is a healthy life/work balance? with Tito Oturo


Ahh, work/life balance. It’s a topic our society has talked about to death but it’s because it’s so important. On this week’s episode, Fallon and Emily share their own experience about what has worked (and not worked!) to make that balance healthy in their own lives. And we also hear how African Leadership and Mocha Club’s South Sudan country director, Tito figures out how to do work and life while he serves South Sudanese refugees in Uganda. We have a sneak peek into a hilarious conversation Emily has with Tito while visiting him on her recent trip to Africa. You’ll never believe what he didn’t know about newborn babies...

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Episode 003: Who is your neighbor? with Shannan Martin


This week’s episode is super special as Fallon gets the pleasure of sitting down to chat with long-time Mocha Club member and author, Shannan Martin. Shannan just launched her newest book “The Ministry of Ordinary Places” and encourages readers to be present and intentional in ordinary ways to better love the people around you. She talks about how we can all live a life of meaning by first starting with the people who live next door. She’s certainly changing the conversation about how to love people well in simple ways that turn extraordinary. This conversation will inspire you to want to put down the phone and look up to see the neighbors across from you. You can get Shannan’s new book on Amazon : https://www.amazon.com/Ministry-Ordinary-Places-Waking-Goodness/dp/0718077482

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Episode 002: When is charity done well?


We recorded on a Friday but we’re coming to you on a Tuesday (don’t be confused)! In this week’s episode, we talk about how there are lots of folks who have an innate desire to make the world a better place. But where do you even start? Emily and Fallon talk about the multiple ways of doing development work in Africa and why Mocha Club and African Leadership invests in local leaders in a particular way that seems the most dignifying and long lasting.

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Bonus Episode: African Leadership? Mocha Club? Wait, are they two different organizations? How do they work together?


On this bonus episode, we share a little more in detail who African Leadership and Mocha Club are as organizations committed to investing in Africa through education.

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Episode 001: Why are we here?


Did you know there are 350 new podcasts launching EVERY DAY?! Emily Blackledge and Fallon Klug kick off the “Changing the Conversation” podcast by answering the question each new listener asks “Why are you here?” We hope that our common dreams of making the world a better place, our listeners will see these conversations as important & inspiring. Brought to you by African Leadership and the Mocha Club.

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