Our History

Mocha Club started after its founder, Barrett Ward, led a trip of college students to Africa in 2004. After getting home and talking through the trip, the team recognized a common frustration among many young people today who feel marginalized by their perceived inability to make an impact in Africa. With only a few dollars — rather than thousands — to spare, many people feel like their efforts to give are like dropping a pebble into the Grand Canyon.

But on their trip, the team also realized how a little can go a long way in Africa — that everyday generosity could really make a difference. There just needed to be a way to connect the community of those who wanted to make a difference and were willing to give up a few mochas a month with those on the ground capable of putting those mochas to use for the betterment of their communities.

So the Mocha Club community was born in August 2005. Over a decade later, an international community of more than 40,000 people has provided over 20 clean water solutions, rehabilitation for over 800 former sex slaves, vital anti-retroviral drugs and health care for thousands of people dealing with HIV/AIDS, educational and nutritional support for over 1,000 vulnerable children, and much, much more — all by giving up a few mochas a month.