Zen Pig

My wife and I welcomed our son Noble in 2012.

As he grew, we became more and more saturated in children's media, as all parents are. But unfortunately, there is a glaring deficit in content that teaches the next generation how to exercise mindfulness, gratitude, compassion, acceptance, and so many of the other values that generate a peaceful, happy life.

Not beginning my mindful practice until my mid-20's, but experiencing what a difference it made, I knew I wanted my son to know the joy and resilient happiness that comes through those values much earlier that I did.

So my wife, Amy, and I created Zen Pig. The series uses rhythmic poetry and minimalist design so the morals and values Zen Pig embodies are the spotlight. Zen Pig is always speaking wisdom into and serving his town and neighbors.

It's also important for children to experience the pleasure of giving back. Amy and I knew that even though Zen Pig could not afford to be a non-profit itself, it could generously give to an established non-profit organization. After interviewing several non-profits nationally, African Leadership's Mocha Club was a natural fit.

They welcomed this project with open arms, operate with 100% transparency, and have valuable experience in this arena.

We hope Zen Pig brings much happiness, peace, and presence to your home.

We are grateful for you!