The Share the Advantage Program partners with the Mocha Club to support local leaders in Africa who are creating thriving communities.

Similar to the outreach on Sizzler Service Projects, Mocha Club works with local leaders across Africa who are working to care for their community - they could be a pastor in a church, a founder of a school, or a caretaker of an orphanage. By providing an education that teaches biblical worldview, trauma healing, and asset-based community development, leaders learn to see their communities through the promise of the Gospel, address the trauma in the adults and children around them, and dream and build the future of communities full of people who have faced war, violence, and abandonment. Mocha Club supports local leaders in Africa who are strengthening their communities spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

When you become a Mocha Club member, you commit to supporting these leaders monthly so they have the opportunity to receive this transformational education. You also support projects and plans that come to be when they put what they learn into practice (such as building a clean water well, building a high school, starting a program to rescue women off the streets, etc.)

It’s simple: it all starts with you committing to giving less than $1 a day - an act of everyday generosity. In fact, we only ask for $9 a month to help fund all of the individuals and programs and more listed above. Seriously, that’s less than two mocha coffees a month!

Local leaders in Africa commit to better their communities by assessing needs and creating a plan of action. Your everyday generosity meets their community's plan of action and community development happens - through clean water, education, orphan care, health care, and economic freedom.

We work with our incredible partners in Africa to fulfill THEIR dreams and visions, not our own.