Everfound is comprised of three brothers, Nikita Odnoralov (vocals, keys), Ruslan Odnoralov (guitar, keys, programming) and Yan Odnoralov (drums), who were born in and spent their first few years in Pyatigorsk, Russia. Before the fall of the Soviet Union, religion was seen as a threat to the government. Their great uncle spent 20 years in prison just for owning a Bible, their father was harassed by the police for attending Bible studies, and their grandmother was fired from her job for professing her faith. In the late 90s, the boys’ parents, seeking religious freedom, packed everything they could into suitcases and moved their young family to Colorado. The brothers are incredibly grateful for what their parents did and are fully aware of the freedom they receive in the United States. When their parents were growing up in Russia, there were no Christian radio stations and the government would try to jam frequencies when American missionaries would transmit the gospel from across the border. Now, without fear of persecution, Everfound can freely have their music transmitted all over the world.