Give Hope Through Education

Watch Peter’s story and his dream of building Action High School

Why Another High School?

Through Peter’s own struggle to obtain a high school education, he realized how many other people were in the same position as him — wanting to learn, knowing how important education was, but just lacking an opportunity. His vision to provide students — young people just like he was — with quality, holistic, affordable high school education focused on leadership development.

Currently, there are 2,395 students who graduated 8th grade in the Got Osimbo area of Western Kenya. 50% of these students have no means to pay for a high school education. The other 50% have to apply for only a few open seats in the current high schools due to overcrowding. Without a high school education, the likelihood of a person breaking the cycle of poverty is almost impossible.

Solution - Action High School

Peter’s dream to build a high school in the Got Osimbo area will provide:

* Hope for children who can not afford to attend high school
* Opportunity for students who have not been able to attend school due to over-crowding
* Sustainable business model in an area of Kenya rapidly growing.

Currently primary schools in Kenya are free to attend. After graduating 8th grade, things change. In order to attend high school, children must pass entrance exams and then pay school fees in addition to paying for uniforms and books.

Thousands of children each year have no choice but to end their education after 8th grade. Peter has a plan to step into the journey of hundreds, even thousands of students, just like so many people stepped in to make it possible for him to attend high school.

Help us raise $250,000

What's Next?

Thousands of children in Western Kenya need your help. Mocha Club is joining hands with Peter to make his dream come true. You are part of changing the future for many children.

This money will allow Peter to launch phase 1 of his dream:

* Purchase Land
* Create building plans
* Obtain government approval and permits
* Build two classrooms
* Continue on-going objectives and strategy for Action Ministry

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