About Us

We are an international community committed to fighting extreme poverty in Africa with everyday generosity.

Your Mochas

It starts with you. You commit to fight extreme poverty with acts of everyday generosity – like giving up the cost of a few mochas a month. Your family, your friends, and your community do the same.

African Leaders

It starts with local leaders in Africa. They commit to fight extreme poverty by engaging their family, friends, and community to assess their needs and create a plan of action in one of five project areas – clean water, economic freedom, education, healthcare, or orphan care.

Fighting Extreme Poverty, Together

Your community’s everyday generosity meets their community’s plan for action. Your mochas become their water well, their school, their HIV/AIDS clinic. Together, your community and theirs are fighting extreme poverty.

This is Mocha Club.

What is "Mocha" Club?

Small acts of generosity add up to make a huge impact! You can make a difference each month by simply giving up the cost of a few mochas. Mochas aren’t your thing? How about tacos, manicures, movie tickets … you get the idea.

The impact starts with you giving up the cost of a few mochas a month. That impact grows when you invite your friends to join you. We can make a difference in Africa by providing clean water, or uniforms and shoes for students to attend school, or support a former sex worker going through counseling & job training in Ethiopia. Just imagine all we can do together.

How We're Different


Our Community

We are the only international community focused on making real and sustainable change to extreme poverty by maximizing everyday generosity.


How We Work With Our Partners

We work with our incredible partners in Africa to fulfill THEIR dreams and visions, not our own.