How Mocha Club Works

We are an international community giving less than $1 a day to educate world-changing leaders who dream of building healthier, more sustainable communities in Africa. Learn More.



... dream of making a difference but don’t know how.


A Leader in Africa

... dreams of making a difference but without the right resources, it seems impossible.


Mocha Club

... connects your generosity with the passion of local leaders. Together, we are building healthy, sustainable communities in Africa.

Bringing Africa’s dreams to life

For less than the cost of your morning coffee, Mocha Club members create real and sustainable change.

When you give, you support local leaders in 11 different countries as they learn to identify the needs in their communities and enact local solutions -- turning your mochas into clean water, schools, health clinics, and more.

Join the movement

Ready to make a difference? It’s less than $1 a day.

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