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February 29th
You have an extra day.
Just a normal day… or could it be more?

Use February 29, 2016 as an extra opportunity to do good. Provide hope to someone else, be positive, give, impact!

Need ideas?

I’m going to say, ‘hello’ to everyone I pass at work today. - @springfieldjane

Just wrote a love note to my wife - @2005jls

Bought McDonalds for a homeless guy today - @smileyday32

Gave $9 to @MochaClub to give kids in Africa school supplies. - @12football2010

The opportunities to care for others are endless. Take advantage of your extra day and it could be the best day for someone else.

Join in! Share your story! Encourage Others!


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Want to impact lives in Africa?

Donate $9

$9 can…provide clean water to 9 Africans for 1 year

$9 can…help rescue women from the streets in Ethiopia

$9 can…provide a kid with school supplies for one year

$9 can…sustain life for 1 African living with HIV Aids

$9 can…provide an orphan with food for a month